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The corner Shop

31 Mars 2013 , Rédigé par libre transport dans marrakech Publié dans #leçon

      1Dave Slatin kept his promises . things at the shop were good  and cheap .how does he do it ? asked Mrs Harrison . it's winter , but he's selling lots of fruit and vegetables. And they're cheap .

3- Dave advertised in newspapers and the village products sold well . people from Lidney came to the corner shop . there were lots of visitors and woodend became more interesting .
4- The villagers were surprised , but pleased . they were making a lot of money . Dave lived alone , in a flat above the shop . He was very popular in the village , but no one ever went to his flat . no one ever saw inside it .
 5- At the bottom of the stairs there were two doors . one led into the stockroom . the other door had a notice on it . SPECIAL ORDERS ONLY :KEEP OUT . The door was always locked .
6- Anna never went into the special orders room . Why do you lock that room , Dave ? Anna asked one day . Wht's in there ? it's for special orders , he replied . Big orders .
7- But you won't get any big orders in woodend , said Anna . Dave said nothing . he did not want to talk about that room .

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